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Window Swap

Sometimes you just want to look out the window and watch the world go by, listen to the wind, and birds. Window Swap is a website that lets you look out windows all over the world. You can also submit a video of the view from your window.

Google Arts & Culture

Explore artwork up close & see cool places all over the world using Google earth & street view at the Google Arts & Culture site.

The Learning Channel

On YouTube: The Learning Channel – Curated videos on a variety of subjects….chosen for their quality “learning” content.

Joe Rogan Podcast Clip – Bret Weinstein

Dave & I listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast. He’s amassed an incredible number of very interesting interviews with all sorts of people. I highly recommend it. Here’s a clip from a podcast featuring guest, Bret Weinstein in which he talks about The Problem with America’s Lab Mice and Why it Should Matter to YouI think it’s important to understand the problems with science, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and politics….that’s why I’m adding this one to this list.

Website: Psychology Junkie

Know thyself. This is good advice. Understanding yourself can help you improve your life. Having some knowledge about psychology allows you to better understand yourself & others. Lots of good content on the Psychology Junkie website.



A website that shows you a few moments of YouTube videos with zero to very few views, one after another. You can “pause” the flow of videos if you see one that you’d like to watch for more than a few seconds. As if you needed another thing on the internet to spend time on! 🙂

Radio Garden

Radio Garden – website features a globe/map you can rotate. On it are little dots signifying radio stations all over the world. Click on one and you’re listening to that radio station. Very cool. Listen to the radio in Russia, Mexico, Australia, etc. etc. A good tool for discovering music in other countries!


I really like Keen Newport Sandals. So much that when one pair (finally) wears out I immediately purchase another. My preference is the leather version. Keen does offer a fabric version, but I’ve owned both and I find the leather holds up for a good deal longer. I’m VERY hard on shoes. Of the few pairs of shoes I own, I wear these sandals the most. I wear them on land and water. I hike in them. I run in them. I work in them. I ride my bike in them. I use them for daily wear. They are my go-to travel shoes. See the videos below for more.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a pair for yourself, you can use this link:

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