F-350 Maintenance

We were about to drive 1000 miles to our destination in Mexico.

Open can of worms. Have you ever heard that saying?

We decided it best to put new tires on Frosty (our 2000 Ford truck).

It was at this time we realized the wheel hubs were worn out.

We bought new hubs and installed them. During this, we realized the passenger side front brake caliper was messed up. One brake pad was ALMOST to the point of damaging the rotor. So we bought new parts to replace the pads and calipers on both sides.

Dave was not thrilled with these discoveries. He knew what he was in for and he hadn’t expected this work right before we planned to hit the road.

His chronic pain situation increasingly limits his active time. These projects meant extra suffering. Our anticipated trip was also expected to take a toll on him.

But we got it done.

Discovering these issues at our property with all our tools and the comforts of home handy was lucky! Now we’re ready for our trip to Mexico.

We made two videos about this:

Our – Crossing the Border & Driving Across Mexico 2021 video has also been posted. You can see it HERE.

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