Review of the 2021 Trip Back To Mexico

After a stint in the USA, we returned to Mexico. The house we’re renting has 5 months left on the lease. It’s located near Lake Chapala in the state of Jalisco.

We made a video in which we sat down to discuss the trip. Details. Tips. Our perspective of what it’s like to drive across the border and down through Mexico. You can watch the video below.


We mistakenly said top speed of 62 mph. But 110 km/hr = 67 MPH.

A word on BORDER FREE ZONE: this is an area next to the border where you do not need the TIP for a vehicle you drive into Mexico. (other special rules apply to this area also). No TIP needed in this zone, but you still need Mexican car insurance! The zone distance is different for the state of Sonora. But the rest of the border states it is shown to be 12-16 miles.

EXCEPT FOR the BAJA states….which require no TIP. There’s a lot of variance…ins and outs…and things to learn about Mexico!

Banjercito is the authority that handles the import permits for vehicles (TIP). We mention it in the above video. We get our TIP at the border at this crossing. There’s another Banjercito 74 miles from Acuna. This is where we canceled our TIP when we drove back to the states. Keep scrolling & you’ll find the PAPERWORK video.

We mention the POLICIA. I’ve linked to the Wikipedia page about Mexican Law Enforcement here.


Footage from the actual trip, we vlogged it. See below.


A more detailed explanation of the paperwork we need to drive our truck into Mexico can be found in the video below:

Ford Truck Maintenance we did before our trip:

Follow the links for these videos.

Changing – Installing Wheel Bearing Hubs 2000 F-350 4×4

Installing Calipers & Brake Pads 2000 Ford F350


ALWAYS do your own research. Always prepare. Information is more available than ever!

The trip was good. In the amount of travel we’ve done, we have seen that there really isn’t a “PERFECT TRIP”. But so much has to do with a positive disposition and outlook. We’re happy to be back in Mexico. It generally takes us several days to “recuperate” from such a journey and this time was no exception. The weather is great….70s in the day & 60s at night. We’re getting back into our groove here. Some fun things coming up for the YouTube channel.

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