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We are experiencing a convergence of equipment malfunctions. Our camera and laptop are due to be replaced. They are limping along with increasing problems. It is interfering with making videos.. That’s the short of it. Read on if you want details.

Failing Computer

The computer we use for video making is detrimentally affecting work. It sporadically doesn’t recognize external drives. This means I have no way of getting files from our cameras onto the computer so I can turn them into videos to upload.

There are 85 files on the camera card that I intend to use to create a video showing the basic scenes of how we live in Mexico. I can’t access them. I have attempted every trick I know and spent time researching a possible solution (other than getting new equipment).

Additionally, it is running slow and clunky. Lots of irritating and efficiency wasting issues increasing.

Failing Camera:

Old age and use? Our video camera is behaving erratically. The camera battery charger is also on the fritz.

All our equipment has traveled many miles and helped to make hundreds of hours of video. We do tend to wear things out before we replace them. We’ve begin the process of figuring out what and how we’re gonna replace said equipment. However, it is a little more challenging in Mexico.


IN SHORT: I’m working on them.

Up until the last day, the laptop was able to sporadically read the memory card for the camera. So maybe it will inexplicably begin to work again. I’ll keep trying. But this is certainly going to affect new videos going forward. I may try videos using our phone if possible.

I have footage I was saving for another video ON THE COMPUTER. So I thought I’d look into making something out of that.

The ultimate solution will be getting new equipment. Not sure when that will be feasible.

Technology makes your life more simple until it doesn’t.


Right now the state where we live is in the midst of a 2 week extra restrictive “whatever” for “the you know what”. Our state is in the Redish Orange Zone. In our color-coded lives, you should know that red is bad. There are a bunch of arbitrary rules about how you’re supposed to go about living”. So we’re laying low and staying local. The area we’re in seems pretty mellow in regards to all this…but it does seem the regular vivaciousness has been taken down a few notches.


We’re both well. We stay active. Exercise helps sooooo much with being able to live life. We feel so much better. That being said, we aren’t getting any younger!

Of course, our minds are occupied a good bit by all the events happening around the world. Hope everyone is keeping their wits about them. Remember when making plans was possible? We have some plans coming up that could be affected by politics and events. We’re trying to be tenacious and stoic, so no matter what happens. We will keep keeping on and do what needs doing. I do wish things take a turn for the better! I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what is important. I am making changes where I can to be more of what is important.

Mexico has been treating us well. The weather is lovely. The scenery is enchanting. We appreciate all the good things.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our videos and interact with us online. Best wishes!

Here are some pictures from Mexico

Tienda: Little stores abound. They sell a mix of things. Groceries. Hardware. Toys. Clothes.

Flying a kite at the Malecon. Kids and families are in evidence everywhere. Lots of kites. Bicycles. Playgrounds. Ice cream sellers.

Art on a telephone pole. It’s Autumn. Otona (little squiggle over the “N”) – more bougainvillea seem to be blooming now. 11.07.20

Dog life. There are more roaming dogs in the towns than we are accustomed to in the USA. I’m not saying it’s good or bad. But the dogs are something I associate with my experience of Mexico. I like dogs. I had dogs for years. So I enjoy observing the dog goings on. Mostly they are well socialized. Sometimes they’ll bark at you. Little dogs don’t like Dave. They often go after him. But they leave me alone. Riding a bicycle? All bets are off. You may be chased and nipped at. In my experience, stopping and getting off the bike usually sends the perpetrator running away. Some nights they bark relentlessly. More often they are fairly quiet where we live.

The big mountain across the lake: Cerro de GarcĂ­a-Del Picacho

We love taking walks. We ride our bicycles a lot too…..even taking them instead of the truck, to go shopping for necessities.

On the bike/walking path that runs between towns on the lakeshore.

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  1. Hey, great content, over a lot of great topics. Sandra, you are most certainly in good company with Dave. I met him back home in W’sconnee close to 40 years ago. I was probably the youngest of a bunch of motocross enthusiasts. Being the youngest, you almost always get kicked to the curb, but Dave made sure I wasn’t. He gave off a vibe of such justice, it was palpable. What a cool guy you ended up with. I feel like I’ve met only a few people like that in my life and hope to be counted among them. I’ve tried to replicate a glass aspirin bottle, black powder, duct tape, and waterproof fuze (the only fuze available at the sporting goods store) bomb without luck. Am I missing an ingredient, like wax or something.

    • I think Dave is going to email you. I know he’s a great person and has a lot of rare qualities. We keep on having great new adventures together through all of life’s ups and downs. 22 years together and looking forward to many more years. No regrets. Thanks for the comment.


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