Away We Go To Mainland Mexico

mainland mexico

Landscape near San Luis Potosi.  Snapped this one from the truck window on the drive down.

This is a preview of things to come.  Currently, on YouTube I’m working my way through the footage from our Baja 2019-2020 trip.  I’m excited to get the Baja stuff wrapped up so I can begin uploading videos from our life in Mainland Mexico.

We crossed the border at Del Rio, Texas into Acuna.  We used a lot of toll roads on the way down and most of them were in great shape which helped us make good time.  The trip was fairly uneventful, aside from being pulled over by a cop in Monclova.  Dave was driving and he didn’t do anything wrong so we were mystified as to why it happened.  The officer asked for the paperwork on our truck (you must have a temporary import permit to legally drive a non-Mexican car).  Of course, we had all the appropriate documents.  He looked them over and let us go.

Yucca tree forest.  I haven’t found out the common name of this exact species of Yucca tree.  They’re similar to Joshua trees, but much bigger I think.

Ajijic, Mexico.  When we first arrived we rented an Airbnb.  I highly recommend Airbnb.  We’ve used it several times.  Always a good experience.  You can find really cool rentals in great locations.   If you’re planning to use Airbnb please consider using this LINK and you’ll get $20 off your first booking & we’ll get a discount on our next rental too.

Here’s a shot of the inside of our Airbnb rental.  A cute little casita right in the heart of Ajijic.

The church in the Ajijic town square as seen from the balcony of our Airbnb rental.

The front of the church, only a few blocks from the place we rented.

Walking the cobblestone streets of Ajijic.

Cobblestone streets are common here.  Looks really cool but it makes for a bumpy ride!

Ajijic, Mexico

A common sight:  Pickups loaded with fruits and veggies delivering to tiendas (shops).

Houses of Ajijic

Gorgeous flowers abound.

So much creativity and art!

Mexico….land of murals.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Very iconic Mexico.

Sculpture on the Malecon

Ajijic Malecon – a walkway/park alongside the lake.


Horse beside Lake Chapala.

Horse culture is alive and well in Mexico.  Horses everywhere!

Jocotepec – a small village on the west end of Lake Chapala.  This is closer to where we’ve rented a house for the long-term.

Looking northeast…the place we’re living is in the distance at the foot of the mountains.

The west end of Lake Chapala…looking southeast.

A panga moored next to the Jocotepec Malecon.

We’re beginning to settle into our new place.  There are a lot of rental options in this area.  It’s popular with Canadians and U.S. citizens and many live here at least part of the year.  After reviewing a lot of different houses we decided on a two-bedroom, two-bath condo in a gated community.  We liked the fact that it was a little more in the country.  The towns for us are a bit on the busy side for our liking.  A bonus is there are three swimming pools.  Also, there’s 24-hour security.  We don’t think Mexico is especially dangerous.  But I do think theft crimes can be an issue.  Because we’re on a tourist visa we must leave Mexico at least once every six months.  So we’ll be leaving the house we rented and some of our stuff while we travel back to Texas.  It’s nice to know it’ll be secure inside this quiet little subdivision.


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