Gazelle Portable Screened Tent

Gazelle Popup Screened Tent

We own and are very pleased with our Gazelle 5 Sided Portable Screened Tent .

After we began traveling with our truck camper we realized it would be nice to have some sort of outdoor, screened tent. Our biggest concerns were:

  1. Needs to be easy to put up and down. We know from experience if something feels like a hassle, we won’t use it.
  2. Compact storage size & reasonably light-weight
  3. Durable
  4. The more affordable the better – without comprising our other criteria.

So, I got on the internet and began researching available options using terms like “easy setup tent”, “popup tent”, pop-up screened tent, “no assembly screen tent”. I discovered several different brands featuring tents with a unique, pop-up design that seemed like it could meet our requirements. After reviewing specifications and reading dozens of reviews, we purchased the Gazelle brand screened tent.

You can see Sandra assembling this screened gazebo tent in the video below.

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SPECIFICS OF THE Gazelle Portable Screened Tent

  • Our model is the Gazelle 4 Person 5 Sided Portable Pop Up Gazebo Screened Tent – G5 SKU: 25500
  • The screened tent comes with a storage bag that keeps it protected and compact. The bag has handles that make it easy to carry.
  • It weighs about 23.5lbs
  • The inside height of the gazebo when UP is around 85″
  • It offers around 60 square feet of space inside – 106″x115″
  • It has what the manufacturer refers to as a “Hub Design”. This is what makes for a very quick set-up. The sides “pop out” and 99% of the tent is ONE PIECE. So almost no assembly of rods or poles.
  • There are only 2 poles to insert into pockets on the sides of the zippered opening/door. They increase the structure of the doorway area.
  • It comes with metal stakes to secure it to the ground. These are kind of flimsy in our opinion and we upgraded to better stakes that we bought separately.
  • The screen is very tight mesh. Keeps most bugs out. It’s holding up well for us.
  • It has a skirt material around the bottom perimeter of the walls.
  • When you have it fully staked down…it holds up quite good in moderate winds. It’s not floppy….but rather rigid.
  • The zippers are heavy duty.
  • The roof material is waterproof.
  • Construction of the pop-up tent seems of good quality. That being said I wouldn’t recommend dragging it across rough ground, risking snagging the material.
  • There are panels available that can be attached to the outside of the screened walls via velcro. This makes the walls “solid”. We don’t have these but I know they’re made out of the same material as the roof. They offer more privacy & block the wind/rain. These panels are sold separately.

Any Cons?

We don’t have any big complaints about this screened, pop-up tent. However, I think it’s important to mention that it can get warm inside the tent on sunny days. The manufacturer claims a UV 50 rating on the roof fabric. But if it’s very sunny we find we want to put up some type of additional material to add shade. The roof fabric alone doesn’t feel like it offers very good shade in the bright sun. We normally carry a small tarp and it works well as an additional level of shade when we secure it to the roof bracing of the tent. Pretty simple to do. Just put your McGiver hat on and make it work.

In Conclusion

Since buying the Gazelle 4 Person, 5 sided portable pop up gazebo screened tent in 2017, we’ve taken it on many travels. It has held up well. It remains in almost the same shape as it was new. It fits nicely behind the front seats of our 2000 Ford F350 Super Cab. Without a doubt what we like the most about this tent is the easy, pop-up design. Because it’s so fast to put up and take down, we use it a lot. We’re happy with the purchase and it passes the “if we had it to do over again, would we buy it?” with a YES.

If you think you might need a larger option, this company also makes a 6 sided tent. It’s 124″x124″ and weighs about 34lbs. It’s advertised as an 8 person tent VS the one we have which is a 4 person tent.

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