El Litro Trailer Park in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico

New video on YouTube shows an RV Park in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur. Thanks to our drone, you get to see a bird’s eye view of the park and surrounding area.

Just before Christmas 2019, Dave and I rolled into Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. We love the beach along this part of the Baja peninsula. As a result, the first thing we did was go to the beach. The way the land meets the ocean here can create some impressive wave crashing. We never get tired of watching the waves, walking along the wide sandy shore, and seeing the coastal and ocean wildlife.

Next, we headed for the El Litro Trailer Park. This is the second year we’ve stayed here in our truck camper. The first year, we came and went several times and did not have a space with hookups. Overall, we spent about a month in the park. This time we were intent on staying awhile. So we got a spot with hook-ups and we took the camper off the truck. (Little did we know we’d end up staying for 5 months due to the Pandemic).


There are spots with full hookups and some without. I have no idea what the electrical service is. It’s basic. There’s a bathroom facility with 3 toilets & 2 showers (but only one was working when we were there).

It’s a small place. We saw several big, long 5th wheels come into El Litro successfully, but it took a good deal of maneuvering on their part to get into a spot.

Some spots are occupied by long-term renters. A few people live here year-round and others are seasonal.

Some spots have palapas.

Tents are welcome.

Pets are welcome if well behaved.

If you’re camping on the beaches nearby, you can dump your tanks for a fee.

You can see the google map of El Litro location HERE.


LOCATION: The best thing about this RV park is the location. It’s less than a mile walk to downtown Todos Santos and the beach is about 1.25 miles away. About a block away is a small store with basic groceries and supplies.

COST: Our experience of the cost has been that it’s very economical. Especially when you consider how much most of the lodgings in this area are. As with anything, prices may fluctuate….but during our 2019-2020 stay, we were paying less than $150 per month.

MANAGEMENT: There are live on-site managers. Sylvia (from the USA) & her husband Pepe. They are nice people and helpful. Not sure what the situation going forward will be in regard to them. We’ve heard they may be moving out soon.

BATHROOMS: Present….and water pressure was always good while we were there. Hot water….at least during the “high” season. You can also come here and pay a fee to use the shower, even if you’re not staying in the park.

There are a lot of palm trees, aloe and other desert/tropical plants. We saw many interesting birds and some lizards in the park.

Removing the camper from the truck.

The Not So Good

Important things to note: El Litro is not a well-manicured place. Frankly, it’s kind of ramshackle and unkempt. It’s the least “nice” RV park we’ve stayed at in Baja.

The bathrooms are moderately clean….not gross, but never sparkling either. You will see obvious trash and junk lying around. A lot of things are kind of jerry-rigged.

There’s a “kid party” place next door and if they have a party, the music can be LOUD and the party can go late into the night. But most of the time that’s not an issue.

WiFi: There’s no park provided WiFi. Maybe a long-term resident has wifi they’ll share….maybe not. IF wifi is available you can be pretty sure that it’s not gonna be fast or reliable.

The Bathrooms at El Litro

In Conclusion

The vibe here is extremely laid back. Don’t think you’re gonna complain about the way things are and get a rapid, first-rate customer worshipping response. If you stay at El Litro, you gotta accept it as it is. It’s a good place for people who are laid back, flexible, and don’t mind a place that’s rough around the edges. If you’re OK with that, then you get to stay in a beautiful Baja town for what we think is a very reasonable cost.

Bottom line for us: We would stay here again. Our expectations about this place are realistic and getting a money-saving price is a high priority for us. And I’ll say it again….you can’t beat the location!

If you want to see a more “ground level” view of this park, check out the video we did the first year we were here:

We use a DJI Mavic drone for all aerial footage. It’s an awesome piece of equipment. Easy to learn how to use. Phenomenal video and image quality. Folding propeller arms give it a compact size, so it’s easy to transport. We think it’s well worth the money. If you’re in the market for a drone, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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