Driving To Central Mexico

Driving to Mexico

Hit The Road June 23 – The Adventure Begins.

After several days of packing and making our preparations, we climbed into Frosty (our truck) on June 23 and said goodbye to the straw bale house. It was an emotional departure. The weeks leading up to this day had not been our best. We were both tired, stressed out, and worried about how this plan of ours was going to work out. We felt we had to go…but it was certainly not the best of times to be traveling, much less into a foreign country.

The first day we made it to Del Rio, Texas. Here we got a room at the Motel 6 with a plan to cross the border into Acuna, Mexico the next morning. We wanted to get a fresh, early start into Mexico with the hope that we could make it halfway to our final destination on day two of the trip.

Please watch the video above to see how things turned out.


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