Back To Texas

Back To Texas

In December 2019 we loaded the truck camper and hit the road headed for Mexico.  After a leisurely drive down the Baja peninsula, we arrived in Todos Santos, B.C.S.  We removed the camper from the truck at a trailer park.  We intended to stay at the location for a few months after which we would load the camper again and do more exploring.  But, our plans were derailed by the Pandemic.  With the world thrown into uncertainty, we decided it would be best to hunker down for a bit.  We remained in the trailer park for five months, part of which was in “lockdown”.

Things weren’t bad.  At no point during our stay was there any indication of toilet paper or food shortages.  But the final month was a bit trying as Mexico closed down beaches and just about everything else due to the Pandemic.  Our world became small as we spent most of our time inside the trailer park, leaving only to shop for essentials.

In May, we were nearing the end of our “legal” time in the country, so we decided to load the camper and head north, back to the U.S.A.

Our trip back to the U.S.A. was uneventful.   The worst part was crossing the border where we had to wait in a line of cars for four hours, barely making it to the crossing before it closed.  After that, we made good time traveling to our home in Texas.  We arrived at our property to find the lawn overgrown and the house a bit dusty, but otherwise, everything was in good shape.

With the ongoing Pandemic, it’s flat out silly to say we know what’s next for us.  At the moment we’re grateful to be back at our comfortable home where we can work on various projects and continue taking care of our well-being as best we can.


We captured many hours of video during our trip.  I’ll be working to edit these and get them uploaded to our Sandra and Dave YouTube Channel.

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