Road Trip – Exploring Mexico

We decided to take a road trip away from our usual surroundings in the Lake Chapala area. Booked a nice looking apartment on airbnb and packed our bags.

Below is our vlog of the trip to our destination.

Map of Our Route

Click HERE to be taken to an interactive Google map of the basic route (shown in blue) we took in this vlog.

This LINK will show the same map as a satellite view.

How Far? Time?

The drive was about 230 miles and it took us around 6 hours.

“prepare your quota” – literal translation. Sign telling you to get ready to pay at the toll booth.
Toll Booth
Small town along the way.

How We Navigate

We prep for our trips. These days with the internet, it’s easier than ever to scout a trip beforehand.

I, Sandra usually handle most of this.

I use Google Maps: Road maps, street view, and map creation/saving, pictures, and reviews left by other travelers. Etc. If you don’t know all the features of Google maps, you’re missing out. Learning to use all it has to offer has been tremendously helpful.

We travel with a paper map, a stand alone GPS, and a Mexican cell phone.

“BETTY” our stand alone GPS. It’s a pretty basic model. I was able to download the Mexico maps to it from open source map data on the internet.

We use the cell phone, running google maps as our primary means of direction. It’s worked very well for us in Mexico.

I also check sites like “TripAdvisor” and do general searches of the internet to find out what I want to know about the trip and destination.

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